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Robert Buehler

executive Director

Robert B├╝hler

Business informatics engineer FH, PMP
Born November 23, 1958

Family: married, father of 4 children

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Core competencies:

-Many years of experience in project management (including major international projects), PMP (project management professional, see www.pmi.org)
-Complete-oriented implementation of changes in companies and projects, supported by the most modern tools (licensed trainer, analyst and consultant for KODE / KODEX, see www.competenzia.de)
-Solution-oriented short-term coaching for executives (trained as a coach at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel, FHBB, individual and team coching (re-teaming)
-Broad experience and current knowledge in ICT (Information & Communication Technology), marketing and business administration
-Pioneer in e-business with a deep understanding of th new medium. Know its possibilities through extensive e-business experience in BtoB (Business), BtoC (Consumer) and BToE (Employee)
-Many years of management experience in middle and upper management
Several years of marketing and sales experience (IT, telecom and other industries)
-Multi-sector experience (industry, retail, IT, telecom, travel, banking, insurance, government and healthcare)
-Extensive and competent network from previous and current activities

competency profile:

professional skills: e-Business, management, generalist in ICT and business administration
Methodolical Skills: Coaching, Coachulting, project management, change management
social skills: relationship management, conflict management, role flexibility
personal skills: calmness, reliability, Ability to innovate
action competence: Developing from visions to strategies and their consistent implementation with solid solutions. Constant and rapid familyization with complex project and operational situations while maintaining the entire overview. Methodical and pragmatic approach in the implementation of my mandates.

Strength profile according to Gallup’s Strengthfinder:

1. Strategy: I sometimes use new approaches with new means that are future-oriented in order to achieve goals even better, in a shorter time and with more optimal use of resources, be it from strategic advice to a company to private discussions about the life situation of a single person.

2. Drive: I have to be on the move relatively quickly, I am an implementer, because I keep hearing sentences like: I am amazed at how far you have come with the implementation of the idea.

3. Sense of responsibility: Boredom or underemployment is a foreign word to me and when I do something, then right or not at all.

4. Convition: No wonder I have become a believing Christian, because inner values and moral behavior are high on the priority list and are also reflected everyday consulting for the benefit of my customers.

5.Ability to bond: A circle of friends is a wonderful source for a shaping your life and getting to know each other better is fun.