Founded in October 2001 by Robert Buehler, business informatics engineer FH, managing director
April 2005, start of Winklink, Robert Buehler, initiator an managing director
From summer 2005 to spring 2007, Jasmin Bertschinger, assistant
From summer 2006 to 2009, Hanspeter Angliker, partner
From spring 2007 to summer 2009, Isabella Bachmann, Communication WinLink
From summer 2009 to the end of 2010, Anneliese B├╝hler, Assistant


We remain true to our values – honesty, reliability, commitment and openess – which have given us stability and brought us success in the past. A sense of reality for what is feasible, with the necessary pinch of idealism and vision, allows us to work effectively and efficiently in teams or with individuals, even in a multicultural and international environment. The basic Christian values are a direct obligation on our part and a coherent basis for the fulfillment of our mandates, to the fullest satisfaction in the service of our customers.



Bauen digital Schweiz

Switzerland Global Enterprise


We have time for our customers!
Our customers are not just companies, but teams and, above all, individual personalities. With our core topics (coaching, service management, training) an far beyond, we are there foryou as listeners, advisers, helpers and implementers. We are the consultants / coaches and service providers for the definition and implementation of the strategies of our customers, who provide individually adapted solutions in all qualitative and quantitative requirements of the company. The strategies of our customers are not just a declaration of intent or a difficult to understand request of the managemnt, but are operationalized in a process-oriented manner and begin to live and function in the company. Constant adaption and expansion of the knowledge of our employees ensure our success.